Who We Are

At LandContractNotes.com we have a passion to help people purchase a home that cannot get conventional financing. We purchase REO's, rehab them and sell them on land contract. We then offer the contract at an average discount of 15% off the balance!

What Is A Land Contract?

Land Contracts are used in the sale of real estate. It is when a seller is willing to offer seller financing to a buyer who has a reasonable down payment but cannot get conventional financing due to restrictive guidelines

How to Become a Note Buyer

To get direct access to LandContractNotes.com portfolio and Performing Assets please complete the form using the button below. Once it is completed and you email address confirmed you will have instant access. Rest assured, your information is secure.

How To Buy Your Note

  1. Login to LandContractNotes.com inventory and find your note.
  2. Use the form to express your interest in the note to us.
  3. Fill out a purchase agreement to purchase this property.
  4. The title company will prepare all documents including title insurance.
  5. Both parties sign with the title company. Buyer sends funds to the title company.
  6. The note is now yours. You can have a 3rd party service it or you can do it.
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